Hypersonix: Developing a sustainable way to get to space

Hypersonix is bringing increased efficiency and flexibility to space launch through the use of cutting edge aerodynamic technology

Have you ever wondered why getting to space is so expensive?
It’s because almost all space systems are thrown away after every launch!

Have you ever thought space launch should be more like flying an aircraft, where the launch vehicle returns to base after each mission?
Introducing SPARTAN, the world’s first space launch system build around scramjets.

Scramjets are airbreathing engines, just like the jet engines on tens of thousands of aircraft that fly each day. But scramjets work at hypersonic speed; that’s faster than Mach 5.

SPARTAN is a rocket-scramjet-rocket system that can supply dedicated launch to Sun Synchronous Orbit for satellites up to 150 kg
It involves:

  • A 1st stage “Boomerang” rocket booster that flies back to the launch site by deploying wings and a propeller motor. 
  • A hypersonic 2nd stage that is powered by scramjets and flies back to the launch site like a plane.

Sustainable and Cheaper

With both 1st and 2nd stages returning to base, SPARTAN is more than 80% reusable. This means that Hypersonix can launch small satellites with much less expense than single-use rockets.

It also means no dumping of debris or expended rocket motors into the ocean. 

SPARTAN is the space launch system for the 21st century. Hypersonix will fly a small fleet of vehicles that:

  • can launch within a weeks notice;
  • provides flexible orbit inclination and timing through aircraft-like operation of the scramjet powered 2nd stage
  • is more like an airline than solely rocket based launch systems


The Boomerang is a conventional rocket with an important upgrade.  Thanks to innovative use of cutting edge aerodynamic technology, the Boomerang can fly back to base after accelerating the scramjet to Mach 5. 

SPARTAN combines the Boomerang with a scramjet to make a space launch system that is more than 80% reusable.


Australia is a world leader in scramjet technology.

Scramjet turning