Scramjet turning


About Hypersonix

Queensland leads the world in the research and development of hypersonic scramjet technology. Hypersonix is using this wealth of research knowledge to develop a commercial launch platform which can fly to space.

This technology has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost to put a small satellite in space while also reducing waste and environmental impact.

The timing is right for our space start-up to capitalise on recent advances in materials engineering and automated systems which will enable our system to succeed.

Hypersonix’ technology also has other potentially game-changing applications for future development such as flights to the UK from Australia in just a few hours.

Hypersonic scramjet technology has been in the research and test phase at the University of QLD for the past three decades.
We are determined to take this out of the classroom, past the tests and prototypes that have already been done, and deliver this technology to the world.

Building this in Australia, where our government has recently committed budget funds to an Australian Space Agency, will break the trend of our developments going overseas, and keep our world-leading know-how at home.

Joining other existing Australian space technology companies, we will help the Australian Space Agency meet its goal of tripling Australia’s space industry, boosting our economy and leading the world into a new era of space access for all.

Join us as we take Australia to SPACE.