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Hypersonix shared Black Sky Aerospace's post.10 hours ago
Yesterday’s test launch
Black Sky Aerospace
A little taste of tomorrow from Roger Mulckey's FunnyFarm... Brought to you by our major sponsor The Territory - Boundless Possible, go visit the N.T. Special thanks to: Gumatj Aboriginal Corporation, Equatorial Launch Australia, Dekunu, Logan City Council, Goondiwindi Regional Council, Hypersonix Space Connect and Laser Central.
Hypersonix11 hours ago
We made it to the bus! The calibre of people here, all buzzing with excitement, is astounding. MPs, engineers, professors, accelerators, educators, manufacturers and more. This will be one of the finest 5hr bus rides of our lives!
We will be live-tweeting the event on our twitter account
We should hopefully have coverage to live stream here and on
Hypersonix21 hours ago
The rocket being launched tomorrow is a Sighter190 subscale sounding rocket. Hypersonix will have a panel on the rocket made out of one the materials we need to fly our scramjets.
It is made of Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC). We will be using this launch to ensure our sensing and data gathering works effectively for our future test launches.
Hypersonix shared Jimboomba Times's post.1 day ago
Great to see some reporting on Wednesday’s launch! Dr Smart is quoted and we are honoured to be a part of this incredible launch with Black Sky Aerospace
Hypersonix2 weeks ago
Australia enters the new space race... 😂😅🚀
Hypersonix3 weeks ago
What's this you ask? It's what is known as a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) panel. It will be used in preliminary Hypersonix experiments as a low weight, high operating temp material which is super essential for hypersonic flight regimes when coming to and from orbit. 🚀🚀

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4 hours ago
Coverage is so bad we couldn’t live stream. We did, however, make history
5 hours ago
TEAM HYPERSONIX (Michael, Steve, Georgiana) HypersonixAU photo
6 hours ago
Hello! We have been out of coverage but we are only a short distance from the site! Cloud cover means we don’t know what time we will launch but it’s anytime from the moment we arrive. We want blue skies!
6 hours ago
Christian, PhD student at @UQ_EAIT, shared a piece of CMC, that our Scramjet will be made of, around the bus for us all to feel HypersonixAU photo
6 hours ago
Dr Michael Smart gave the whole bus an overview of Hypersonix, scramjets and the Spartan system


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