Taking Australia to space

SPACE 2.0 – Australian start-ups making an impact through innovation
The international space industry is rapidly changing. The old system, with large, slow, cautious, aerospace companies that are ruled over by[...]
CUBESAT2018 – Australian Innovation On Show
 Hypersonix presented at CUBESAT2018 in Sydney in July. It’s a conference attended by start-ups and researchers to showcase the latest[...]
Creating a sustainable future for space
This century will see an explosion in space travel and access to space.It is important that this is done in[...]
HYSHOT – Taking Australian scramjets to the air
Did you know that a small group of scientists at UQ beat NASA and others in 2002 to be the first to[...]
How do we test a Scramjet in the Laboratory?
The pioneering Australian Space Scientist Professor Ray Stalker did something in the late 1960s that no-one had ever done before.[...]
Building the scramjet that works
In blog 2 we talked a little bit about how a scramjet can operate at hypersonic speed.Today we will talk[...]