Taking Australia to space

Australian engineers complete hypersonic test flight
Aerospace engineering researchers from the University of Queensland have worked with industry and government partners to complete an experimental hypersonic test flight.According[...]
Hypersonix: The SPARTAN story
Launch of rocket to test hypersonic speed at more than five times the speed of sound, Woomera, May 2016. While[...]
SPACE 2.0 – Australian start-ups making an impact through innovation
The international space industry is rapidly changing. The old system, with large, slow, cautious, aerospace companies that are ruled over by[...]
CUBESAT2018 – Australian Innovation On Show
 Hypersonix presented at CUBESAT2018 in Sydney in July. It’s a conference attended by start-ups and researchers to showcase the latest[...]
Creating a sustainable future for space
This century will see an explosion in space travel and access to space.It is important that this is done in[...]
HYSHOT – Taking Australian scramjets to the air
Did you know that a small group of scientists at UQ beat NASA and others in 2002 to be the first to[...]