Spartan: a Reusable Space Launch system for small satellites

3 Stage to Orbit system:

   1st stage: Boomerang Boosters 

  • Reusable

   2nd stage: SPARTAN scramjet(Mach 5-10)

  • Reusable

   3rd stage: Liquid rocket booster

  • Expendable

SPARTAN is a rocket-scramjet-rocket system that can supply dedicated launch to Sun Synchronous Orbit for satellites up to 150 kg . 

It involves:

  • A 1st stage “Boomerang” rocket booster that flies back to the launch site by deploying wings and a propeller motor. 
  • A hypersonic 2nd stage that is powered by scramjets and flies back to the launch site like a plane.
  • An expendable 3rd stage rocket that takes the satellite into its desired orbit.

With both 1st and 2nd stages returning to base, SPARTAN is more than 80% reusable.

SPARTAN flight profile

SPARTAN Flight Profile: Rocket-Scramjet-Rocket